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SugarMill Studios
For this weeks blog, I have interviewed photographer Hector Leyva, with SugarMill Studios,  my “go to” photographer in Las Vegas. Whatever moment you are wanting to capture, Sugar Mill Studios creativity and professionalism will have you so pleased with your photos, you will be sure to have a photographer you can keep going back to for life. I have so much fun shooting with Hector, no matter how serious the picture we are trying to capture may be, there is always a good handful of pictures of me laughing my ass off , not being able to compose myself. I am very happy to recommend Hector Leyva with SugarMill Studios for ALL of your photography needs, and I am also very happy to call him my friend.
A little about Hector Leyva…
Q: Where were you born and raised and what brought you to Las Vegas?
A: Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. I was part of the Californian migration during the 90’s to Las Vegas. Moved to LV with the family.
Q:What got you interested in doing photography?
A: A photographer friend, Saul Vargas, was taking pictures of my car for Lowrider Magazine; when he decided to show me how a slight tilt of the steering and/or positioning of the car can make a good photograph look great. Needless to say I was hooked.
Q: What inspires you?
A: People are my inspiration and therefore make the best subject. An inanimate object can at times appear lifeless, a portrait will always tell a story regardless of how simplistic a picture may look
Q: Glass half empty or half full?
A: Half full of course. The day I begin to look at photography as half empty, is the day you’ll see my equipment on Craigslist.
Q: Whats the soundtrack of your life?
A: Frank Sinatra “That’s Life”
Hector Leyva
Q: What publications have you had?
A: I’ve been fortunate enough to be published in the world-renowned New York Post, Vegas Inc., several other local publications as well various car enthusiast magazines.
Q: What do you see in your future with SMS?
A: SMS is blessed to be surrounded by an amazing cast of supportive friends and family members. With additional publications currently in the works and our client list growing everyday “the best is yet to come”. Keep an eye out for the launch of our new website where all our projects will finally be on display. Always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Q: If you could shoot any celebrity alive or dead who would it be and why?
A: Mr. Mojo Rising himself. Jim Morrison of The Doors… does that really need an explanation.
Q: Have you captured a moment you will never forget, if so, please describe.
A: I have not captured my Moby Dick just yet. I believe every photographer has that one great shot in him or her and trust me; you’ll know when i’ve caught mine.
Q: Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate..
A: Every picture tells a story…  and thus is worth a thousand words. By simply pressing a button, all i’ve done is provide you with MY visual opinion. Each viewer can and probably will interpret the image differently. To me, that’s what makes photography limitless.  
Q: Where is your favorite place to shoot?
A: Nelson, NV. It’s a small mining town about 30 minutes outside Las Vegas. I’ve shot everything from magazine car covers, family portraits to the infamous Molly Rose there. Every single time I find something new I love about that location
Next weeks blog….. Makeup Tips and Tricks


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