Protect Your Hair

Protect Your Hair

Do you want dry, brittle hair with faded color and mounds of split ends?? I didn’t think so..


When you think summer, you think endless hours out in the hot sun and water, but are you thinking about the havoc you could be wrecking on your hair? While you are lathering on the layers of sunscreen to protect your skin, take a few minutes to protect your hair, and hair color.


We all know you shouldn’t be washing our hair every single day. Its strips our hair of important natural oils. If you have oily hair and you are washing your hair every day, you are actually causing more harm than good, by washing the hair every day you are removing that sebum, aka oil, in which your oil glands start producing more oil to compensate for what you just washed away. So, after your day of soaking in the beach or pool, simply rinse your hair with warm water and condition your ends. When that’s all said and done slap a little bit of Joicos Kpak split end mender on towel dried ends… Its almost like you can hear your hair say “ahhhhhh” in relief.

 Not everyone feels like wearing a hat to keep hair out of suns harm when it’s 1 million degrees out, so I recommend using products with heat and UV guard before you hit the rays. I like to cocktail it’s a 10 miracle styling serum with it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product. This combination will protect your hair and color from heat with added benefits of repairing damage, adding shine, controlling frizz and creating silky bountiful tresses.


If you are needing a product that will add more volume to your life, Paul Mitchells “thicken up” from their extra body line will give you serious body and shine while protecting it from the sun. Paul Mitchell also had a line they only come out with during summer called “Sun”, go figure, right?! If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this liquid gold, stock up and say goodbye to the thought of sun damaged hair.


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